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Frequently Asked Questions

When you or someone you care for needs medical attention that just can’t wait, or you’re simply not feeling well, that’s when you need urgent care. That’s when you need MD 1st Urgent Care.

General Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No, however some of the services might require an appointment.

What’s the difference between an urgent care and the ER?

An immediately life-threatening condition should go straight to the emergency room. This can include heart attack, stroke, loss of limb, significant blood loss, and severe breathing problems.

How long can I expect to wait at your urgent care?

Our effective medical professionals adeptly diagnose and treat conditions promptly, allowing for minimal wait times even on our busiest days. Most patients can expect to be seen in a half-hour or sooner, with hour-long wait times sometimes during rush hours.

Do you offer flu shots?

Yes! As part of our preventative care initiative, we provide a full range of vaccinations to help keep you and your family safe. Most insurance policies cover your flu shot, which makes it easy and affordable for you to stay healthy.

What if I forgot my insurance card?

We can’t bill your insurance if you don’t have your policy information. If you didn’t bring your card at the time of service, we may be able to look up your policy information for you using your Social Security Number. Otherwise, you can always bring it back in to make sure your insurance covers your care.

Should I bring my medicines?

We like our patients to know the names and doses of their medicines. To be sure of your regimen, please bring all your medicine bottles, including medicines from other providers and non-prescription medications and supplements to your visits.

What if I have an emergency?

For after-hours emergencies, call 911 if your life is in danger. You can always notify us and the insurance companies later.

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