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March is National Nutrition month, and if you’re wondering how you can simplify nutrition and improve your diet, we have some great suggestions.

This year’s theme is, ” Fuel for the Future” and it comes with a focus on developing long term, sustainable nutrition goals.


  • Practice gratitude & mindfulness while enjoying your meals and snacks

Give thanks for the farmers, ranchers, animals, and hands who prepared your meal. Don’t forget to put screens down while eating so you can minimize your distractions and be fully present during your meal.


  • Eat sustainably

What does sustainable meals look like to you?

To me, sustainably means eating local produce, visiting my local farmer’s market, shopping with my reusable bags, being mindful with my leftovers & food waste, making broth from food scraps, and using all parts of the animal/ fruit/ vegetable.


  • Grow you own food by gardening

Looking to start a garden or add more variety to your established garden? Join school garden volunteer day to help sharpen your skills. Garden volunteer days are the perfect opportunity to learn how to tend to your garden and ask any questions to garden experts.


  • Make a tasty meal at home!

Get creative in the kitchen and remember to build a plate with lots of color from fruits and vegetables!